West Midlands’ Production Share of GVA

Production share of GVA

Across the whole period shown, manufacturing makes up the largest proportion of production's share of GVA, with construction, the second largest, still a third of its value.

Relative Contribution of Finance & Manufacturing

In terms of proportionate contribution to the economy, reported regional GVA shows that it is only in recent years that the contribution of Financial Services has eased above that of Manufacturing. As the latest data refers to 2009, the relative recovery since ensures that there has probably been a shift back to Manufacturing, given the export boost and the depth of the financial crisis.

West Midlands Manufacturing Structure

The Production sector comprises amongst the most successful global manufacturing & design companies, linked to one of the largest concentrations of precision-based SME components manufacturers and skilled craft industries within the EU.

Latest Reports

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01 October 2011
Paul Forrest, Forrest Research

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